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Mapping the last 2 thousand years of Earth's climate

Yesterday, the PAGES2k Consortium released an updated version of its global multiproxy database spanning the last two thousand years. The article that describes the database and strategy behind its construction was published by Scientific Data, and has 98 authors hailing from 22 different countries. The full citation is something to see:

J. Emile-Geay, N.P. McKay, D.S. Kaufman, L. von Gunten, J. Wang, K.J. Anchukaitis, N.J. Abram, J.A. Addison, M.A.J. Curran, M.N. Evans, B.J. Henley, Z. Hao, B. Martrat, H.V. McGregor, R. Neukom, G.T. Pederson, B. Stenni, K. Thirumalai, J.P. Werner, C. Xu, D.V. Divine, B.C. Dixon, J. Gergis, I.A. Mundo, T. Nakatsuka, S.J. Phipps, C.C. Routson, E.J. Steig, J.E. Tierney, J.J. Tyler, K.J. Allen, N.A.N. Bertler, J. Björklund, B.M. Chase, M.-T. Chen, E. Cook, R. de Jong, K.L. DeLong, D.A. Dixon, A.A. Ekaykin, V. Ersek, H.L. Filipsson, P. Francus, M.B. Freund, M. Frezzotti, N.P. Gaire, K. Gajewski, Q. Ge, H. Goosse, A. Gornostaeva, M. Grosjean, K. Horiuchi, A Hormes, K. Husum, E. Isaksson, S. Kandasamy, K. Kawamura, K.H. Kilbourne, N. Koç, G. Leduc, H.W. Linderholm, A.M. Lorrey, V. Mikhalenko, P.G. Mortyn, H. Motoyama, A.D. Moy, R. Mulvaney, P.M. Munz, D.J. Nash, H. Oerter, T. Opel, A.J. Orsi, D.V. Ovchinnikov, T.J. Porter, H.A. Roop, C. Saenger, M. Sano, D. Sauchyn, K.M. Saunders, M.- S. Seidenkrantz, M. Severi, X. Shao, M.-A. Sicre, M. Sigl, K. Sinclair, S. St. George, J.-M. St. Jacques, M. Thamban, U.K. Thapa†, E.R. Thomas, C. Turney, R. Uemura, A.E. Viau, D.O. Vladimirova, E.R. Wahl, J.W.C. White, Z. Yu, J. Zinke, A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era. Scientific Data (online July 11, 2017).

The data and metadata for the database are available in several formats and are free to download at figshare. In addition to the full dataset, I thought it might be nice to be able to explore the compilation via Google Earth, so I've uploaded a KMZ file here.

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