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Fall '19 graduate seminar on hydroclimatic extremes

Floods and droughts are among the most damaging natural hazards that affect human society. Is it possible to anticipate how ’the two wicked tails’ of global hydroclimate will behave in the future and potentially mitigate their impacts?​

This fall, I'll be offering a 3-credit graduate seminar on hydroclimatic extremes -- with emphasis on megadrought, 'monster' floods, and the impact of global warming on the twin wicked tails of global hydroclimate. We'll work through methods to estimate future risks of severe events, recent flood and drought trends, and observational, proxy, and modeling studies that target truly exceptional extremes. And we'll discuss whether insights from ‘extreme hydroclimatology’ can actually help communities to either prepare for future floods and droughts or to adopt policies that will make future events less likely or less extreme.

GEOG8260 (Hydrological extremes)

The course will be held on the West Bank campus (location To Be Announced) on Wednesday afternoons between 1PM and 3:30PM.

You can find more information about the course, including a tentative syllabus, here.

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